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Today we meditated on the image of Peter walking on the water again and pastor encouraged us to write download what we have learned from this story.

  • We learned about Peter’s faith in asking the Lord and obeying what he asked for. Our pray and promise to follow must be consistent. Peter prayed for walking on the water, when Jesus answered, he went.
  • When God says, it will happen. The word of God has power to enable you to do things. Knowing that you should ask the Lord to commend you to do his will.
  • When God calls, he also equips. So he will equip our church after calling us out. He will equip each one of us to live a holy life as he calls.
  • We see the truth about salvation by faith through grace here. It was God’s grace that Peter could walk on water since there was no way for himself to do so, but at the same time it was Peter’s faith that drew God’s power.
  • Peter’s desire to come closer to the Lord is ours, too. The boat representing the world is not safe, but Lord is our real secure. So we want to go to him even though there is water representing obstacles between us.
  • Peter’s asking is a great example for us. “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water.” The purpose of asking the Lord is to know him through prayer, obedience and experience.
  • Christian life is like walking on the water, a scary place where faith is needed. When we focus on Christ by faith we can walk on the water. When we look at the situation by sight we start to fear and sink. Focusing on the situation takes away our faith.
  • We want to follow Christ, do what he does, and be like him. But when we follow him, sometimes we are weak and may fall. Jesus understands us. We just need to cry out to him for help when we stumble over, and he will save us any time in any situation as long as we turn to him. It is God’s doing to give us opportunities to practice faith.
  • It is Christ, not anybody else who brings the scary situation to our life. So don’t be scared. Just trust him.

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Human beings creats every object on the earth, but neither one single creature of the earth nor the earth itself.  But as the creator and controller of technology and many other amazing things, we are too intellent and proud to even think of the possibility of being created. We show up as the master as always. We work hard, make efforts, and earn the reward as if we deserve it. We think of some people better than others.
The fact is, however, we have no difference. We all fail to be perfect, we all make mistakes, we all have extreme pride as a human being, and we are all created equal. There can be thousands of reasons to believe only in ourselves, our power and our right to do so. No matter how tiny we are on the earth or in the universe, we still consider us as the king of ourselves. Because this world promotes too much spirit of Can Do. The emphasis is not only the ability, but also the right to do everything. This world promotes the spirit of being tolerant, open and acceptive to everything. There are less white and black, right and wrong, because most of things are just in the grey area. It does make us feel easiler living in the world some time, but eventually we get confused and we lose our simple eyes. Nothing is any longer worth insisting or believing in, because everything chances so fast, and even standard as well as limit. We get lost in this attractive world where anything can happen and be acceptable.
We get lost because we don’t have faith. We only believe in ourselves who seem so changable and fluky. So we doubt ourselves sometimes whenever things lost control. That’s not faith. The one without faith is just sad and hopeless. Faith is not something based on evidence. Because we are so limited. Everything we see can cheat us. The essential is invisible to eyes. Only the heart can touch the truth.

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